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Available exclusively are my handmade soaps. The soaps are made in limited qualities. Interested in a sample?  Register and send me a message.  My handmade soaps are made from the highest quality ingredients. 

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Tried and True

Eric is bringing you the absolute best in skin care. Anyone that knows Eric, knows that he has fought with skin disorders since the age of 13. Currently, one of my goals in life is to keep my psoriasis at bay. There isn’t a cure for the disorder. Only the proper moisture, treatment and soap keeps mines in check.

Soaps from Africa

Over the years, I’ve tried so many different soaps.  It wasn’t until I took the plunge and bought my first four dollar soap. Which I considered was expensive until after I used it.  I felt and seen how my skin was reacting from the soap, totally refreshing. Then, I came to the conclusion, skin care… isn’t “over the counter” at least not for me.


Small Business Mind

Started this business with the support of my friends and family.  Life has bought me to this new and exciting frontier.  From all the knowledge and know-how I’ve gained over the years.   I’m sharing with you what I know and learned.



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