FAQs - EricDeon.com

I’m compiling a list of questions that are commonly asked from friends and buyers alike.   This what I’ve gotten so far.


Q?)  What made you to get into soap making ?

A)  A multitude of reasons; first being my skin.  Psoriasis has always been a long term battle for me.  I’ve tried tons and tons of different creams, tropical ointments and soaps.   As with any research, I found out that different soaps interact differently with my skin.  I started to question everything. Questions like, how the soap was made, what Ingredients were used, the effects it had on my skin, and such. That in turn, made me start looking at a more hands-on approach towards soap.  Hence, that’s how soap making came about.


Q?) This is totally legit?

A) Absolutely.  100% totally legit small business.  I’m a small business minded individual is on the come up. Any one that knows me, knows that when I set my mind to something I give all my time and focus to it.  This has been my baby from the beginning and will continue to be. Heck, it’s my brand, its my name.